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Jaffa.Net News

Jaffa.Net a Leading Software Develpment and Application Implementation in Palestine with extensive local / regional and architecture experience.


Jaffa.Net has acquired two major Telecommunication licenses from the Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology (MOTIT) To Provide:
1. Voice Over IP (VOIP) Services.
2. Broadband Telecommunications Services & Network.


This allows Jaffa.Net to provide all kinds of Telecommunication Services including:
Calling Cards
Voice over Broadband
Enterprise VOIP Solutions
Broadband Network

Telecommunication Prices will Go down!
Stay tuned.

Jaffa.Net Press

Telecommunications Liberalization in Palestine
Dr. Yahya Al-Salqan,
President and CEO of Jaffa.Net Computer Systems

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Clearing System

Clearing system aims to automate, arrange, and image process incoming and outgoing cheque from / to clearing centers, Arab bank branches and banks in general for collection cheques. The system is interfaced with hardware machine “Rototype 6000V” that can read MICR of cheque and scan front and rear faces, after that machine sorts cheque in specified pocket depending upon the decision of system process.

Clearing System Presentation

1$ Per Employee

Manage your Human Resources & Payroll by PowerTeam.Net- the package that manages by far the largest employee base in Palestine (manages more than 120,000 employees) by as little as 1$ per employee. What are you waiting for! ... Call us for more details

Be Smarter, be Automated. Are you willing to employ Jaffa.Net solutions as little as a salary of one of an employee? Let’s start the journey together ... Call us for more details